Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Paris is Burning, 1990 - R

I strongly recommend the documentary Paris is Burning on Netflix. It portrays the 1980’s transsexual, transgender world of New York City. It’s focus is primarily on people of color and highlights the world of “Balls.” Balls are event extravagances. Balls involve meetings where people display costumes, dances, acrobatics, performances or simply styles of walks. Trophies are awarded by judges in categories. This groundbreaking film is hilarious, tragic and inspiring. The attenders who are black, Latino, gay and transgender, rightfully view themselves as “outcasts” from the greater society. Their common story is rejection by family. However, this culture of Balls is a creation of new families, rewards, praise and acknowledgement. Vanity Fair reviewed the re-release of this film by noting “ It’s no wonder that in addition to being cherished and debated over the years, Paris Is Burning has often been taught in colleges and beyond, and is text for debates about the meanings of gender, race, class, and sexuality.”
Available on Netflix 10/22/19 Paul Bray

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