Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seventh Sense (1999)- NR

When I see a woman playing the cello, this is what I think of..

I tend to flash on erotic imagery whenever I see a woman play an instrument, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that a film about the sexual growth of a female cellist would catch my attention. Well, think about how the relationship of a musician to her (or his) instrument is like that of a lover and her beloved. The instrument is caressed – fondled even – by the musician. Gentle touching teases out mellow sounds, while more forceful measures produce a good deal louder sounds. (The parallels don't end there; we use the same word – playing – for making music with an instrument or making love with a partner.)

I find the image of a woman playing a cello to be particularly erotic. The instrument is large and she must spread her legs to hold it… I will stop, ...I'm sure you get the picture.

The movie Seventh Sense is a very erotic film about a women cellist. Frances, played by Lucy Jenner, learned to play the cello when she was a young girl. A car accident left her blind when she was teenager. However, her blindness opens up a whole new level of sounds and appreciation of her instrument.

It also opened up a whole new world of sexual fantasy. The intensity with which Frances plays the cello is echoed by more intense sexual fantasies that she experiences. Frances is encouraged by two individuals to open up her life to greater intensity in her music and thus her sexuality. The first is her roommate, played by LorDawn Messuri, and the other her music mentor, played by Endre Hules. As fate would have it, both liaisons lead to unintended sexual repercussions.

The film contains many highly erotic and explicit scenes. One early scene involves Frances masturbating to the sounds of her roommate making love. Another erotic scene is a fantasy Frances has of playing her cello nude while watching her roommate’s boyfriend make love to a strange woman. Woven throughout the film are the themes of voyeurism and exhibitionism. The erotic scenes are photographed in a highly stylized method of slightly unfocused “candlelight.” This sounds annoying but in fact adds greatly to very erotic scenes.

The Seventh Sense has an interesting but not strong storyline and poor acting from all except Lucy Jenner. Still, I recommend the film for its high-quality explicit sex scenes and very erotic concepts of classical music, women cellist, watching and being watched. The film also has a wonderful sound track of classical music. I should also create a new rating, called “Emily’s approval.” Even with two glasses of wine this story was sufficiently interesting to keep Emily awake. Afterwards, it was erotic enough for her to “use me as an instrument” for nearly an hour in the hot tub. What more could I ask?

The film was available from Netflix however I see that they have now posted it as unavailable. Maybe we have their only copy. also has copies.