Sunday, December 23, 2018

Three Suggestions for the Holidays that Give Us Hope

Real Woman Have Curves (PG-13) is the 2002 heartwarming coming of age story of a Mexican American teenage girl. It embraces positive body image, positive sex, a champion teacher and diversity. It is also the breakout performance of America Ferrera. This is a very enjoyable film that gives us hope. This is available on Netflix.

The Warmth of Other Suns, The Story of America Great African American Migration North by Isabel Wilkerson is the epic 2010 book making everyone “must read” list. The book chronicles 3 African American families who migrate to northern cities from rural south. This IS a must read book for all of us who continually seek to understand race and racism in America. It is also a must read for all of us that hope for a better America.

Civilization- 9 Part PBS Series on The History of Art starts from the earliest cave drawings and continues into the 21st century. This series illustrates the necessity of art rather than simply the value of art. It gives us hope for our further because it shows how in the worst of times, art gave us hope. This is available on Netflix.