Thursday, December 08, 2011

Erotic Massage Video Clips (Adults Only, Dailymotion video web site, couplesmassage group)

Dailymotion ( is a video posting web site similar to YouTube. One difference however is that dailymotion allows explicit and erotic video postings. We have found the quality of the videos to be very good and very erotic. The site does occasionally have advertisements that delay the viewing of clips. The site is relatively safe from spyware or viruses. Nonetheless, viewing erotic material on the web ALWAYS requires virus protection software. A dailymotion account is required to view erotic content and the “family filter ON” must be clicked and turned “OFF”.

We have collected 8 erotic massage video clips in a group. The group is called “couplesmassage.” This group can be opened by searching on the site for “couplesmassage” or using the following link

Erotic massage is a wonderful way to give pleasure, love and acceptance to your partner. Watching videos of erotic massage is a wonderful way to enjoy foreplay or mutual self play. Erotic massage videos are perfect companions to vibrators. The 8 erotic massage video clips on our group “couplesmassage” are ones we have particularly enjoyed. They range from 4 minutes to 10 minutes in length. Two clips feature Tantric massage instruction and demonstration. Another set of clips feature NUMA gel oriental full body massage. A final set of clips demonstrate erotic massage techniques. One 10 minute clip features a massage in an outdoor stone bathtub. The location is tropical with flower petals floating in the tub. This clip is truly an exotic and sensual scene. We welcome others to join this web group, comment on our selections and add links to erotic massage clips they have found enjoyable. 12/8/11

Friday Night Lights (2006-2010) TV-PG

The history of this extraordinary series runs parallel to the drama it portrayed. Despite critical acclaim, this series drew little initial attention from viewers. It first aired on a small cable network and then at season three production was delayed due to the 2008 writers strike. The series was nearly cancelled before NBC picked it up and aired it secondary to the cabal outlet. Finally, in season five, it began to collect both Emmy nominations and awards. The popularity of this ended series is now greater than when it aired. Nearly all the actors have been picked up for new movie contracts.

I wish I could give 10 out of 10 stars to this series. This is one of my best if not my best television experience. Just to be clear, I love Mad Men, 6 Feet Under, etc. The story in this coming of age series is about people working hard to get it right. It is a genuinely heart-felt drama of people making mistakes, admitting to errors and then trying harder to get it right. The relations in this series are real. The pain and tears are real. The lessons about growing-up are real for all of us. This series is a treasure. You can rent the full five seasons from Netflix.

The series tracks the first sexual and love relationships of teenagers all centered on small town high school football. It also tracks the response of their parents. It teaches that relationships can change. These changes shift our feelings of love to new partners. Yet it models how friendships and respect can survive these changes. The series captures the first love sexual experience of young people in a way that reminds us all of the bitter sweet pain of our own youth. These memories are valuable for all of us to revisit. Friday Night Lights is scripted to encourage adult tears. These tears recognize similar pain in our history and encourage us to be better parents. 12/3/11

The Song of Lunch (11/13/11-Masterpiece Contemporary) TV-PBS

A 1 hour screen play following a narrative poem of the same name by Christopher Reid. Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson play former lovers. Fifteen years have passed since their love affair ended. They meet for lunch, their first since separation. She is affable and sensitive from the start, and he awkward, then dour, then disconnected altogether, dominated by everyone and everything, even the wine. Their lives have been wholly different in the intervening years. She's well married to a successful author and appears happy and robust. His poems never found much of an audience and his days working for a publisher are taken up with the literary failings of other writers, or, perhaps worse, the occasional discovery of a new and brilliant manuscript. What the heck was he thinking when he invited her? This is a film about a man with inside voices, not crazy and psychotic voices, but inside voices. He is so caught up with himself that even in the presence of the one person who has given him the most joy in his life, and most erotic joy at that, he chooses to get drunk. Filmed from the back and revisited several times, you are there with him in their lovemaking long past. And that's the point. He's never moved on. Lunch together would be just the time to clear away a few sore spots that might remain, replacing them with small affections. But that is not to be. Rickman and Thompson are masterful. Watching their faces is to take in a parallel script, not always compatible with their lines. This is an accomplished little film, with some clever surprises. Sexual intimacy is a central element of the plot and the on-screen sex most effective. What's also remarkable is its appearance on broadcast TV on Sunday evening. This film is also available on line. This is a film that encourages us to not spend many years thinking and drinking away the lost sexual and intimacy pleasures. This is a film that illustrates the failure that results from not changing the inside voices. Submitted by David R. 12/7/11

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue Valentine (2010) - R

This is a sad (blue) and disturbing film. It is also brilliantly acted and a must see. It pulls back the cover on some of the most painful exchanges between people who once loved each other and now hold each other in contempt. This is not a story of good person / bad person but in the end both are contributing to the pain. The film moves forward and backward in time giving the audience scenes from better times. However, even the better times were not that good. The film’s ads caution the audience regarding explicit sexuality. After seeing the film I honestly could not remember seeing explicit sex. Perhaps the film was so painful that even the sex could not be recognized apart from the couple’s dysfunction. See this film for the award nominating acting and screenplay. Be prepared to be disturbed. 6/15/11

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raising Victor Vargas (2002) - R

There are so many coming of age films. It is a type of film where young adults become adults, “or sort of”. Sex is always either the headline or the sub-text. All of this is true with Raising Victor Vargas. However, the film makes a major shift about 40 minutes in. The youth teens, so hip and so sexual, stop their lives and flip their world to care for their grandmother. They stop their own searching for identity, personally and sexually, and take care of their family. The result is a maturity and sexuality beyond their years and perhaps beyond our years.

This is a film to watch with your teenagers when you feel like you are speaking different languages. Take a deep breath; it has a lot of sex. That is good. Teenagers have a lot of sex. However, teenagers have less intercourse than you think and are SO struggling for relationships. 12/16/10

Stage Beauty (2004) - R

Stage Beauty is a fictional story based on the historical event of English Theater allowing women to play women. As we know, Shakespeare’s plays were composed of all male casts. Women’s roles were played by men. This film follows the fictional event of an actor, played by Billy Crudup, who specialized in playing women. Crudup’s character becomes unemployed when women play women. This leads to a personal crises where he loses his acting identify, personal gender identity and sexual identity.

Billy Crudup acting in this film is excellent. The 17th Century set design and costumes deserve an award. However, this film is remarkable because of a mind bending gender and sexual theme. The theme is how a homosexual man can teach a woman how to make love to him. Conversely, how then she can enjoy the sexual pleasures from a man skilled at being a woman. This is nothing but pure Shakespeare. Unfortunately, the film was not well received. I recommend it. 5/26/11