Saturday, April 21, 2007

Frivolous Lola (1998)- NR

Emily and I just returned from our first nude cruise sponsored through Castaway Travel. ( ). It was really quite wonderful. In fact we have now signed up for another nude cruise on the Danube River in Europe. This Caribbean cruise lasted 10 days and visited the islands of Bonaire, Dominica, St. Thomas and The Bahamas. The 1500 passengers were allowed to be nude throughout the ship with the exception of the formal dining room and when the ship was in port. The experiences "exposed" us to both the variety of human form and to a new sexual fetish.

Aquaphilia, we learned is the enjoyment of sex underwater. No, I'm not kidding. Look it up in Wikipedia. Our newly found nude cruise friends Susan and Matthew were more than delighted to share their personal experiences of sexual joys from "doing it" underwater. Susan and Matthew also shared with us their library of DVD and still photos documenting other couples who also were Aquaphiliaics. Clearly, we have led a sheltered life which brings me to this current movie review.

Frivolous Lola is a movie about another fetish. This movie is dedicated to the pleasure of the woman's derriere. Frivolous Lola is one of 7 films by the Italian director Tinto Brass, nearly all of which focus on the woman's ass. As with our nude cruise, Brass treats the viewer to all sizes, shapes and views of women's rear-ends. However, unquestionably his favorite presentation is from behind with the women bent over. The plot, if you are interested, centers on two young lover's conflict about pre-marital sex. Lola, played by Anna Ammirati, wants to get started, whereas her boyfriend wants to wait.

Frivolous Lola has all the trappings of a bad movie. Surprisingly, it is a funny and sometimes erotic comedy. Anna Ammirati does very well in playing the movie led and even with the poor English dubbing of Italian, we appreciate her dry wit. Did I mention we frequently get to see her ass and the ass of nearly every other woman is Italy? Finally, for our new Aquaphilia nude cruise friends Susan and Matthew, there is a brief underwater sex scene that is really quite well done.