Saturday, November 30, 2013

Don’t Look Down, 2008, UR

There are so few quality erotic films. Many of the erotic films on Netflix are rated 2 stars or below and are marketed to adolescent boys (even if their age is 35). Elisea Subiela’s Spanish film “Don’t Look Down” is clearly an exception.

I am not a fan of Tantric sex that is design to withhold an organism. However, this film has tastefully and erotic Tantric sex but without the zealot tones of some new age philosophy and certainly not for a minute is it lewd or rude.  As far as delivering the essence of sex merged with spiritually, it is delivered with humor and balance. The photography of the many sex scenes is wonderful. This is many times more erotic than adolescent “tits and ass” films, however I would of liked to of seen some frontal male nudity along with the many frontal female scenes. Nonetheless, as one Netflix reviewer wrote, “The film has lightness and humor, Latin American magical realism, and utterly engaging and empathetic characters. There is the interplay of life and death, and love and surrender/loss. There is the sense of being a whole person with one's eroticism, of bringing a sense of spiritual eroticism into every part of life, rather than hiding it away out of shame or embarrassment.”

The storyline is one of a mature lady teaching a younger man the joy of sex without pressure and without the need to climax or even end. I highly recommend this film and it can be seen on Netflix. 11-01-13