Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nude Alaskan Cruise and the Movie “Swinging: From Fantasy to Reality” (2004) –Educational

We have become close friends to a couple we met on a nude Caribbean cruise. They are new to both the lifestyles of nude recreation and sexual play (swinging) with other couples. Here is their travelogue of a recent nude Alaskan cruise (booked through Castaways travel )

“Cruising nude along the southeast Alaskan coast is a unique and almost a life changing experience. The Amsterdam (our boat) allowed passengers access to the furthestpart of the bow while sailing. That meant you could be nude and feel like you were almost touching the rain forest wilderness and snow-capped coastal mountains as they glide past. Your sense of oneness with untamed, primeval nature was heighten beyond anything you might experience. That sense of oneness with nature goes into overdrive when the ship takes you by towering walls of blue and black ice found throughout the 65-mile-long Glacier Bay. Of course it was chilly, but the excitement, passion and eroticism of seeing such astounding silent beauty makes you and your partner ignore the cold. The mountains, ocean, deep forests and huge glaciers were jaw-dropping. During a wildlife water excursion we saw more whales than we could count, eagles soaring over our heads, two huge bears right by the shore, sea lions and sea otters.

Now, let me talk about the sex. The hot action on the Amsterdam was in the lounge in late evening. One night the action was very erotic with three extremely attractive young and completely nude women dancing around and helping undress any guy on the dance floor. Watching these women dance was worth the price of admission. My wife wore some outrageously sexy outfits which generated numerous requests for dances. One guy spoke to me saying his wife was not interested in playing, but would my wife and I consider a threesome? I politely said no.

One couple told us they only played with each other and like to watch and be watched. My suspicion is that the woman was not interested. Again the guy was interested in my wife. She is finding out that guys really want to play with her. It helped that she wore a different, but always outrageously sexy outfit, each and every night. This was greatly exciting to me. Thoughts/conclusions --- The bottom line is we did nothing with any other couple. But because of the attention she received, my wife was much more than aroused and we had some great sex together.”

This brings us to the movie review. “Swinging: From Fantasy to Reality” is a highly erotic educational film produced by the Alexander Institute (In the area of full discloser, The Alexander Institute is an affiliate to both this web site and our
Web site and has offered their products to our readers at a substantial discount. See details on side link). The DVD follows a couple as they enjoy pushing the boundaries of their sexual lives. The couple is in marriage counseling where they talk with their therapists about the pleasure and sometimes discomfort of their adventures. This venue provides an interesting alternative to other “educational” DVD that fail to present a negative side to experimentation. Despite the title, only part of the DVD is devoted to the couples’ swinging fantasy. The erotic scenes are explicit and well photographed. We follow the couple as they make love in rooms other than their bedroom, experiment with outdoor sex with erotic scenes of them purposely make love knowing that a man is watching from the bushes. Yes, and finally the couple connects with another couple in an attempt to fulfill a swinging fantasy. Here the two couples make love to their own marriage partners together in the same room. In the final scenes the couple declines the offer of making love with the other couple. The sex scenes in this DVD and their very unusual settings are highly erotic.

The DVD is very good, and like our friends from the Alaskan Nude Cruise, teach us that the journey of pushing sexual boundaries pays benefits by spicing up our primary relationship. However, I think it also teaches that it is wise to enjoy the pleasure from the journey rather than locking on a certain fantasy such as swinging. Swinging like any fantasy can sometimes become more uncomfortable than fun when played out and as we have learned; many times it simple does not happen.