Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Highly Erotic and Artistic 26 minute Video

 I began this blog with reviews of commercial films dealing with sex. Recently, I have posted comments on many other topics. I now return to a posting on sex in film. I recommend the viewing of

This is a highly erotic 26-minute clip considered by most as porn. I found it both highly erotic and very artistic. The woman and man in the film have what most would consider, “perfect bodies”. The truth is that no one except professional models, have these bodies. Yet just as we admire Michelangelo’s’ David, we can enjoy the beauty of bodies presented in this form of soft light and exceptional photography. It is important that we do not confuse body art as the measure for our bodies. 9/19/20

Black Lives Matter and Books by Isabel Wilkerson


I frequently enter discussions about the BLM movement and demonstrations. Somewhere in these discussions I recommend the book The Warmth of Another Sun by Isabel Wilkerson. This book and her writings more than any other have helped me understand “the origins of our country’s discontent.” I am not alone. Apart from this book winning the Pulitzer Prize it is on the The New York Times list of 10 best non-fiction books of all time. The book document the migration of 6 million African Americans to northern cities during the middle of the 20th century. I am now reading her current book Caste that is equally informative and disturbing. If someone wants to understand race relations in the United States, they should begin by reading these two books. 9/19/20

Notes on the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated 9/19/2020

The world continues to fight the COVID19 virus. The virus has disrupted every aspect of life in every country. The areas of highest disruption are entertainment, service and travel. As of today, 29.9 million individuals worldwide have tested positive for the virus with 941,000 deaths. The United States has suffered 6.65 million individuals testing positive and 197,000 deaths.