Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Unbearable Likeness of Being. 1988, R

For those who wonder if Abraham Lincoln ever had a sex life, I would recommend the film The Unbearable Likeness of Being. Daniel Day Lewis, the star of Lincoln (2012) the movie, is also the lead in this excellent and award winning film. Lewis is not (of course) sexual in Lincoln but is very sexual in Likeness of Being. The film is an epic story of a couple’s struggle against Communism in their home country of Czechoslovakia, but maybe even more a epic struggle of marriage fidelity. The film is brilliantly edited to include real news film clips edited to include the actors. Remember this is 1988 before digital editing. The film has plenty of nudity and numerous wild sex scenes. However, my recent re-viewing of the film left me feeling the themes and drama are current and the film has not aged. 2/5/13

Now & Later, 2009, NR

 Philippe Diaz directed this very erotic and interesting film. Philippe Diaz is noted for provocative documentaries centered on economic inequalities as a result of colonization. This is not particularly the resume’ expected for erotic drama. Nonetheless, he takes these same themes into this sensual story of a beautiful Nicaraguan lady who befriends a white collar criminal and capitalist banker running from the law. Yes, I am not making the storyline up. The odd fact is that the storyline works. She teaches the gentleman to live for NOW rather than LATER. The film is very explicit with not just nudity but graphic scenes of love making. The photography is beautiful and the dialogue is genuine. A strong recommendation as a couples film unless you are a member of the tea party or turned off by socialism. 2/5/13

Take This Waltz, 2011, R

Michelle Williams provides yet another outstanding performance as Margot in this excellent film. Williams continues a career where she delivers films that explore sex and the complicated relationships surrounding sex. Her credits in this area include Brokeback Mountain, If These Walls Could Talk, Mammoth, My Week With Marilyn and Blue Valentine. The storyline of Take This Waltz has been told many times; married woman chooses erotic affair, leaving devoted husband. The storyline in this film is less important than the complicated nuances’ in this drama delivered by Williams and director Sarah Polley. These scenes include a shower sequence of 8 nude woman ages 30-70 discussing the pros and cons of taking risks in relationships, an underwater swimming pool dance of Margot and her lover that abruptly ends with a touch, a heartbreaking multiple shot sequence of husband’s reactions upon hearing of his wife’s affair and the erotic lovemaking scenes of the couple as (yes) they invite others to join them in their bed. The story may be simple but the drama is complex and the outcome unclear. 2/5/13