Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman 2017- R

 87% Tomatometer   77% Audience Score

The question asked in the film Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman is, “can you love more than one person?” A more revealing question is, “can you share your lover with another person?” In kindergarten we teach five year olds to share, however rarely as adults do we apply those lessons to lovers. The film PM & tWW is the true story of the creator of the comic strip, Wonder Woman. It is also the true story of his three-some marriage. Spoiler alert, the three of them learned to love, share and embrace each other. This very satisfying film chronicles a college professor’s unorthodox views of gender, sexuality and marriage. It also chronicles the two women in his life, their love for him and their love for each other.

The erotic scenes are enjoyable and tastefully photographed. They capture the passion the three have for each other. The film also introduces the threesome’s pleasure with kink fetishes, including spanking and rope bondage.  This is an enjoyable film and I recommend it. It is available through Netflix. 12/9/20

Perfect Ending 2012 TV-MA

This is a highly erotic, beautifully filmed story of sexual passion. It is the story of erotic energy that comforts and heals at a time of tragic loss. Jessica Clark delivers an excellent performance as the prostitute/comforter. The erotic scenes are of a frustrated lonely woman and a paid prostitute. The scenes are graphic, explicit and rewarding. The film is not perfect, but I highly recommend it. It is available on Netflix. 12/9/20

Notes on the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic as of 12/9/20

 Updated 12/9/2020

The world continues to fight the COVID19 virus. As of today, 68.4 million individuals worldwide have tested positive for the virus with 1.56 million deaths. The United States has suffered 15.2 million individuals testing positive and 286,000 deaths.