Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kiss The Sky (1998)- R

The movie “Kiss the Sky” has many flaws. Segments of the film keep flashing back to me making this movie hard to dismiss though, and the lengthy and explicit sexual threesome scene is one such flashback moment. However, the strongest flashbacks are of Jeff and Marty’s confessions that their lives have no meaning or purpose.

Jeff (William L. Petersen) and Marty (Gary Cole) are long time friends. They both are depressed. They believe their lives are going nowhere. On a trip to the Philippines they both fall in love with the same woman, Andy, (Sheryl Lee), and yes, she falls in love with both of them. Jeff and Marty believe in sharing and so does Andy. Sometimes the sharing is in the same bed and sometimes Jeff gets Monday and Marty gets Tuesday. Andy gives them both erotic pleasure but also hope for a new beginning in life.

“Kiss the Sky”, with all of its flaws, gives respect to male depression. This is the type of depression that is mindful and seeks meaning. This type of depression is dangerously close to suicide. The film gives value to the friendship of these men. The friendship, along with sex that they share with a woman, gives them hope.

I think film provides many expressions for female bonding around sex that lead to hope. A few examples are Sex in the City, The L-Word and Waiting to Exhale. Kiss the Sky comes close to a achieving this for men.