Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The Handmaden 2016 NR

This film is an epic erotic drama based on an interchanging plot of victim and victimize. The roles change. You never really know the story until it ends, and then you are not sure. The story centers on classical Asian eroticism and sadomasochism. The sex between the two key women is very erotic. The filming is beautiful. The film is divided into 3 long parts; however it is worth the journey. This is an excellent film and in the end a tribute to feminism. 9/6/17

I Love Dick 2017 TV- Mature

I Love Dick is a story about a couple’s attempt to energize their marriage through an affair. Its first season on Amazon Prime is an 8 episode series. Produced by Jill Soloway, this ground breaking cable series is about (well..) sexuality – gender, and art. Soloway in interviews comments on the series title saying, “I loved the title.., well I.., you know.., maybe sometimes I don’t, maybe sometimes you don’t.” The series is funny and interesting and then at times shocking. There is a lot of sex with strong feminist content. 9/6/17

Never Forever 2007 R

 Never Forever owes its power to the intentionally slow pace of the film.  The pacing builds to the climactic denouement that ties things up beautifully. Vera Farmiga is excellent. She delivers a haunting portrayal of a desperate, torn woman who goes too far with an affair to save her husband and her marriage, but ends up saving herself instead. The writing, direction and acting are all very well-combined to make a stunning film. The sex scenes are graphic and well played. I highly recommend this. 8/29/17