Friday, December 15, 2017

Adore (2013)- R

This is a provocative and well produced film. It adds a new definition to the “cougar” experience. This film explores the very bounties of intimacy within a family. In the end it’s complicated. The story is of two “best of friends” mothers each having a son. We watch as the boys grow up to be young men ready for college. Each mother however, establishes a sexual relation with the son of the other mother. The mothers are at first shocked with their behavior. Later, they evolve into full enjoyment of the erotic adventure. The film crosses all the lines of family and generational boundaries.  The landscape photography and erotic photography is beautiful. This “cougar” theme is very popular in porn. The film illustrates a dark side of this fantasy where the young men lack the maturity to manage this complexity. The film is very good and I recommend it. It is available on Netflix. 12/15/17

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Room in Rome (2010)- NR

This is a 1 hr. 47 minute file, where all but 10 minutes is filmed in the same room with two naked women. The film shifts back and forth from the two women making love to each woman reveling secrets. Room in Rome is a beautiful and very erotic film. It is the story of two young women who meet for a single night encounter. The close ups of each woman simply touching the face of the other and of long enjoyable kisses are both subtle and highly erotic. But the film is also so much more. The director Julio Medem captures all the suggestive shadows of two beautiful women in a dimly light exotic Rome hotel room. Through the women remain nude throughout the film; the erotic shadows lessen as the past painful secrets of the women are revealed. The haunting soundtrack from Russian Red with the hit single “Loving Strangers” creates a perfect mood for this film. I first saw and reviewed this film in 2012. It was a pleasure to see it again. The film is available on Netflix. 11/22/17
Here’s the song:

What Other Couples Do 2013 NR

A great film, watch this film when you think your relationship (s) are boring, and non-sexual, and you cannot be honest with your partner, and you would like to have sex with others, as we all (often) want to do, I recommend it 11/20/17