Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kissing on the Mouth (2005)- UR

The film Kissing on the Mouth is an excellent independent film. This film is very “Indy”. More than 60% of the shots are extreme close-ups where a viewer can count the pimples on the face and elsewhere. It is a moving picture of a “Face Book” and “Tweeter” world. It takes Reality TV to the extreme. However where today’s Reality TV is made up and becomes a non-real event, Kissing on the Mouth becomes painfully real.

The film follows four 23 year olds just out of college and tracks 3 days in their lives. It tracks their lovemaking, their haircuts (both on their head and between their legs) and all their other minor and major events. Most of all it tracks their unsuccessful attempt to talk. It so accurately records their addiction to sexual touch and so accurately records their inability to connect with words. This is what makes this film important to see. The sex is graphic and real but is overshadowed by the foursome’s constant but futile attempt to talk. The film is so very painful to watch.

Please ignore the poor Netflix ratings and see this film if you enjoy filmmaking that takes risks. This filmmaking frankly looks at sex, relationships and being 23 years old

Lake Consequence (1993)- R

This movie is saved by a most erotic 15 minute hot tub sequence in the middle of the film. The three actors Billy Zane, Hollie Hummel and Joan Severance give a sexual threesome performance that is outstanding. The scene provides equal time for three separate pairings while the uninvolved other watches. The scene is beautifully filmed and contains a “steamy” effect from both the actors on the screen and the hot water.

Unfortunately, the 45 minutes before and after this scene are poorly scripted. The plot has just slightly more direction than a soft porn skin flick. The characters are left to move from moments of deep depression to angry outbursts without purpose. Nonetheless, I recommend the film for the stylish erotic threesome scene that contains very exciting bi-sexual play from the ladies.

Cathouse: The Series: Disk 1, (2005)- NR

There are two common views of prostitution. The first is that the women are victims in a form of slavery. The second is that the women gain no sexual pleasure or companionship from their craft. The HBO series Cathouse provides evidence that these views are at times incorrect. The documentary series portrays ladies as skilled, high energy performers, required to shift from roles of sex therapist to confessor depending on the client. Though potentially lucrative, the work seems exhausting and requires much emotional intensity. Few women can be successful in this profession.

Season 1 disk was both surprisingly educational and erotic. In two of the episodes the ladies instruct their customers on how best to please a woman. Customers are instructed to start with only the lightest of licks and sucks, increasing the intensity only at the invitation of the woman. Such information is equal to that of the best sex therapist or sex researcher. The customers are quick learners. Their pleasure increases as they bring the ladies to real orgasms. The ladies enjoy the pleasure and increased financial rewards of such instruction. The series contains graphic and erotic sex as well as segments where a customer only wants to talk.

I strongly recommend this series because it contains excellent educational and erotic segments. It also contains models of women who can talk openly and with insight about their sexuality, the sexuality of their customers and, therefore, the sexuality of us all.

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)- R

The 1988 academy award film Dangerous Liaisons is worth seeing more than once. The costumes are breathtaking and the acting of Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeifer is brilliant. It is hard to understand why only 2 of the 3 rather than all 3 were not Oscar nominees. The costumes and acting in this film is so dominate that it may take a second viewing to appreciate the storyline.

This is a film about sex. More specifically, this is a film about using sex as an instrument to gain revenge. Glenn Close and John Malkovich play former lovers locked in a contest of who can best sexually exploit others. The contest is humorous and at times very erotic. However, the contest becomes tragic as it becomes clear that the purpose of the game is extracting revenge from each other rather than exploitation of others.

This is a remarkable film with a theme that is as current in 2009 as it was in 1988 or in the 18th century. Dangerous Liaisons should be seen twice by people obsessed with extracting revenge from former lovers.