Thursday, June 21, 2007

Indie Films: Shortbus (2006) –UR and Confusions of An Unmarried Couple (2006) –UR

The new technologies allow all of us to be experts, ...well sort of. We can write our own film review blogs and even make our own films. Much of the blogging (perhaps mine included) and independent film making is self-indulgent. Occasionally, there are real innovations and original thoughts.

Shortbus is an example of an innovative independent film that is about the same people who make independent films and write blogs. The film is a visual journey of the erotic self-discovery of New York City twenty-something year olds. The sex is graphic but not erotic. It is more a story of people discovering their bodies than discovering and loving someone else's body. I don't know if this self-absorption is an indictment of a generation, a stage of development or something unique about physical lovemaking. However, the dialogue and characters in Shortbus are fresh, interesting and provocative. This is the reason I am recommending this film. Nonetheless, when the actors take off their clothes and begin to touch each other you can almost see them say, "oh my god, what are we doing!"

And now to an even more independent film where the characters do not take off their clothes. "Confusions of An Unmarried Couple" is produced by the Butler Brothers ( The film is all dialogue and shows the potential quality of independent films from a no budget or low budget platform. The film is about a young couple in a troubled relationship. The couple attempts to reconcile through talking about what went wrong in the first place. The seemingly unscripted dialogue takes on a "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" quality of subject change and loose associations. The words of the dialogue are "let's take off our cloths and make love" but the real communication is "I'm too involved with my stuff to have time for you." Both movies are interesting examples of Indie films about sex. Both films teach to judge erotic and sensual intent by more than spoken words.

Confusions of an Unmarried Couple DVD is now available from our website.

Hi Paul,

Last evening B and I screened Shortbus. The orgy scenes were about as erotic as we've ever seen. We both remarked that we had been there "in the small" at the Farm and the River. And that five years ago such amovie would have "flipped us out". How things change. This morning we veiwed the extras, namely commentary about the making of the film and deleted scenes, and found them to be even more stimulating and suggestive. It brings to mind the idea that I mentioned some time ago about making an erotic (not porn) movie about people in our age group. It might be very refreshing for young people to know that they have decades of erotic pleasure in front of them.
Warm regards to you and Emily, J and B