Sunday, December 14, 2008

YPF (2007)- UR

YPF stands for Young People Fucking. This very very funny film follows one evening with 5 different couples as they make love. The five stories are divided into Prelude; Foreplay; Sex; Interlude; Orgasm; and Afterglow. There are five separate stories. There is a lot of sex and nudity, but YPF is not so much an erotic film. It is more focused on the relationships of the couples and the awkwardness of trying to get laid. Each couple has there own issue as to why this task is not simple. This is a true laugh out loud movie.

Bliss (1997)- R

Bliss is an important film that deals with three rarely discussed issues. The issues are childhood sexual abuse from a parent, the resulting marital sexual problems and finally the complexity of sexual healing. The film has had a small audience perhaps in part because of discomfort with these topics.

Joseph (Craig Sheffer) and Maria (Sheryl Lee) know from the start of their marriage that they have problems. Maria is unable to have an orgasm but that problem is the least of their troubles. Traditional mental health services prescribed long-term intensive psychotherapy yet this seems to offer little benefit for Maria. She then seeks an alternative therapy that includes Tantra sexual techniques and sexual surrogate treatment. That’s right, having sex with your therapist. Not surprisingly, Marie does not tell Joseph of her new treatment. Joseph accidentally finds out and is not pleased! The therapy turns from Maria to Joseph as he first threatens the therapist (Terence Stamp), then engages in treatment himself and finally facilitates Maria’s healing. The film’s sexuality is graphic and at times erotic.

Bliss presents a story of people taking very risky actions to heal themselves and their marriage. It presents the accurate dilemma of how only talking in traditional psychotherapy without experimenting with new actions rarely improves sexual health problems or for that matter, any problem. This is an important healing truth for the estimated 30% of people that have experienced some sort of childhood sexual abuse. Many adult sexual health problems are linked to these experiences. Bliss is a film that should be seen by all sexual abuse survivors. Moreover, it demonstrates strategies that could be helpful to all of us who want to improve our sexual health and sexual enjoyment. Most importantly the film demonstrates a couple deeply in love and willing to take significant risk to save their relationship.

I have not been a big fan of Tantra sexuality, mainly because of the near religious enthusiasm of its proponents. However, Bliss successfully peels away the healing Tantra techniques from the zealous eastern philosophy. Joseph experiences the healing qualities of Tantra in Bliss. This leads Maria to talk through the details of sexual intercourse with her father which began at age five. This scene is reason alone to see this movie.

Bliss is not a perfect film, yet it succeeds in both adult entertainment and adult education. This is a film for mature audiences, those mature, not just in age but also in capacity to address uncomfortable topics.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Private Lesions (1981)- R

I do not believe this film could be made today. The storyline follows a wealthy adolescent boy played by Eric Brown seeking sexual excitement. He spies on a family maid, played by the very attractive Sylvia Krestel. The maid and the family butler conspire to sexually seduce the boy and then blackmail the family. The plot is thin and the acting is worse, with the exception of Eric and Sylvia. The film is controversial even today, because of highly erotic and explicit sexual scenes of an older women and younger boy. What makes this film noteworthy is the very real life “non-acting” of a sexually immature boy and a very sexually mature older woman.

I was amazed at how young the directors made Eric Brown appear until I researched his age. The film was released when he was 16 which made him 14-15 when the film was produced. He looks every bit of 14 in the film. Sylvia Krestel, from Emmanuel II fame, was 27 at the time of the filming. The film contains a number of highly explicit sex scenes between these two actors. One scene is where they bath together and Eric Brown is clearly fondled beneath the water while enjoying Sylvia Krestel’s breasts. The acting reflects the real life awkwardness and embarrassment of a young boy. Simultaneously, Krestel plays the real life comforter and almost nurturer as she tries to makes him feel comfortable in this very erotic scene. Maybe that is what makes the scene so erotic.

Both today and in 1981 the actions in this film violated the statutory rape and child pornography laws in many states. Nevertheless, this film captures the erotic fantasies of most 15 year old boys and is a major theme in erotic films for both adult men and women. Recently, there have been a number of highly published convictions of female high school teachers taking similar liberties with their students. The film does a good job in capturing the ideal fantasy of an older lover guiding a younger person into their first sexual experience. Unfortunately, in real life these encounters frequently leave both young men and women feeling distraught. The hormones of the young people work fine but the emotions are working at a much younger age.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

En La Cama (2005)- NR

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moments pleasure
Can I believe the magic in your eyes
Will you still love me tomorrow

I thought of the lyrics of Carol King after seeing Matias Bizes excellent film En La Cama (In the Bed). There are few albums that capture a generation. Carol Kings Tapestry surely is one. The haunting lyrics tell about sex, tell about being a woman and tell about being human. Her lyrics capture so much more than 1971 feminism. They capture the wish of a generation to embrace a freer sexuality without dishonoring its value. Carol Kings lyrics are the better prayers of my generation.

As with the lyrics of Tapestry, the dialogue in En La Cama will haunt you for many days. We meet the couple in a hotel room bed making love. The couple found each other at a friend’s party. They do not know each others first names. Over the next hour and 25 minutes we watch the couple make love two more times. The scenes are explicit with ample nudity. However, between these brief explicit scenes we are riveted by their dialogue.

This is a story about a one night stand, a one night sexual emotional experience. Both partners know they will likely never see each other again. The talk begins with playful games of ‘do you remember my name?’ It leads to multiple and sometime painful deceptions then disclosures. As with psychotherapy, it ends with each finding out more about themselves then their partner.

This Chilean movie with sub-titles is filmed solely from a hotel room. Even with subtitles the screenplay of this film is brilliant. As with the lyrics of Tapestry, the words will remind you of your own brief love experiences. People who the chemistry was perfect, the intimacy immediate and who were just as quickly gone. Maybe the chemistry was so perfect because it was only for one night.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Walk on the Moon (1999)-R; Unfaithful (2002)- R

Over the course of three years Diane Lane, a talented and subtle actress, starred in a pair of films with similar plots but strikingly different resolutions. In each film Lane portrays a mother who is also wife to a devoted, hard-working husband. And in each she is also a woman who finds something missing in her life. She wants something more. In both films she enters an affair with an attractive poet-artist-musician. The sex is passionate and explicit. However, in Unfaithful (based on Claude Chabrol's 1969 classic La Femme Infidele, and for which Lane received a Best Actress Oscar nomination) the affair ends in tragedy; the husband, played by Richard Gere, commits murder. In A Walk on the Moon the Lane character's husband, this one played by Liv Schreiber, successfully brings an end to the affair in a rather more positive, humane and satisfactory fashion; in an effort to rekindle their lost sexual excitement he attempts to learn to dance. I vote for the second ending and also enjoyed A Walk on the Moon much more than Unfaithful.

The failure of film and our culture to understand the subtle nature and full dimensions of extra-marital sex represents a failure to grapple with its complexity. Better films, regardless of the plot, are more engaging because they present three-dimensional characters, and avoid trite, simplistic, overly moralistic "lessons" for the viewer. Set in the year 1969, when astronauts first landed on Earth's closest neighbor and young people gamboled at Woodstock, A Walk on the Moon presents us with four complex characters who by turns reveal their complex reactions to extra-marital sex. This quartet; wife, husband, teenage daughter and mother-in-law, are all simultaneously able sincerely espouse the notion that the extramarital sex is wrong, and yet at the same time acknowledge their need to find something more in their life.

Anna Paguin, who was brilliant in The Piano (1993)-R, plays Lane's teenage. Paguin gives a wonderful performance as a daughter in deep and angry conflict with her mother, who rushes to have her own sexual experience and then is terrified by the prospect of her parents break-up. Lane is also excellent as a woman who experiences very erotic pleasure for the first time, yet lovingly attempts to protect and care for her distraught daughter. This is drama with much depth, complexity and ultimately a generous helping of sweet humanity.

In addition to its Aquarian setting, the film plays out against the backdrop of Jewish culture as expressed in summer family camps in the Catskills. The presentation of American Jewish life in the '60s is both entertaining and again presents a lesson about the complexity of extra-marital sex. Finally, the sex scenes are both erotic and explicit. The film captures very beautiful and erotic love-making scenes at a waterfall. For those seeking an enjoyable, entertaining and positively erotic film, this one is highly recommended

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something About Sex (1998)- R

Something About Sex reveals private aspects of the lives of three married couples. The film seems to suggest that, like the six protagonists, each of us has his or her own sexual secret, an element of our selves that we fail to share even with those to whom were are the closest.

The three couples meet for a dinner party that also includes an obnoxious author played by Jason Alexander from Seinfeld fame. The writer publishes stories revealing the affairs that men hide from their wives. Jason’s character boasts that all men are animals and simply cannot resist multiple sexual partners. This statement is strongly denounced by all six, yet as we soon see, it is accurate not only for the men but also for the women.

Research shows that only 25% of men and 15% of women, sometime in their marriage, experience extra-marital sex. The frequency of infidelity in the real world is not nearly as high as the 100% figure, but dry statistics are not what this film is about. Rather it observes the ambiguity of "the facts" of infidelity, and takes care to point out that sexual secrets are not limited to actual affairs and that while some affairs are "only" physical, while others are founded on emotional commitment- well, love actually. The movie accurately portray six versions of how people deal or do not deal with sexual secrets in their marriage. The dual themes of hypocrisy and secrecy were well done. Nothing was totally true and totally false; none of the characters were perfect.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Body Heat (1981)- R

I am probably the last person in North America that had not seen this erotic-thriller classic. For the other few people who have not seen this movie, it is about a women, played by Kathleen Turner, in an unhappy marriage who is reluctantly seduced by a handsome fast-talking lawyer, played by William Hurt. Well, we think she is reluctantly seduced, but we soon find out that the tables are being turned on who is seducing who and for what reason.

This film is a classic for two reasons. It first has a screenplay that keeps both the character played by William Hurt and the audience continuing to second guess motives and truth. He cannot determine truth but can only be intoxicated by passion which leads to greater and greater danger. The second reason is that the “heat” in Body Heat is really “hot.” This is a film where the passionate heat drips off the screen. The erotic scenes are actually mild in their explicit full body views, but very erotic in close up views, particularly of the actors’ expressions. This is a movie full of powerful sex, and scenes that both women and men will enjoy remembering when they need an erotic boost.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lady Chatterley (2006)- NR

Film, like much of our popular culture, is obsessed by the topic of infidelity. Our feelings about affairs are so strong yet so paradoxical. Opinion polls say that 70% - 80% of people believe strongly that extra-marital sex is harmful. However, the subject remains one of the most popular and erotic in both contemporary and classic films and literature. Seven out of the last 28 Best Picture Academy Award winners featured infidelity as a major theme.
With a subject so popular one would think it is highly researched. In fact, the opposite is the truth. As documents by Adrian Blow’s excellent review of all published studies on infidelity since 1980 (Infidelity In Committed Relationships: A Methodological Review., Blow, Hartnett,. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy April 2005, Vol. 31, No. 2, 183–216, and Journal of Marital and Family Therapy April 2005, Vol. 31, No. 2, 217–233) the subject is poorly researched both by number of studies and quality of their design. Researchers cannot agree on the definition of infidelity (intercourse vs. romantic vs. cyber internet relationships, etc., etc.) and neither can the general public or Bill Clinton. Even when researchers agree to define it as genital intercourse, the few studies that document incidence varies from 50% of the population to 6%! However, most studies agree that it is closer to 25% of married men and 15% of married women that have had extra-marital sex sometime in their life. Many of these people have had only one event for when these same groups are asked if they have had extra-marital sex in the last 12 month the percent drops to under 2%. Finally, research cannot agree on how it affects a committed relationship. Though most studies document its painful impact, it is unclear if an affair is the cause of a poor relationship or is a product of a bad marriage. There are two studies that even document improved relationships as a result of affairs. Though research is unclear Hollywood is not. Infidelity in films is depicted as common, extremely erotic and dangerously destructive. This is why Lady Chatterley is such different and noteworthy film.

Lady Chatterley is a provocative and beautifully filmed story about the re-birth of a woman due in-part, to an affair. The film is based on D.H. Lawrence’s writing. Lawrence in fact, wrote 3 versions of this erotic story. Lady Chatterley is based on an earlier version and one where the erotic story develops slowly and where the characters are “softer.” This French film with English sub-titles is a story of a wealthy women Lady Chatterley played by Marina Hands. Her husband returns from WWI crippled both physically and spiritually. To escape her lifeless marriage she forms a friendship with the gardener, who has a cottage on their estate. The friendship turns both sexual and romantic. However, the real storyline in this movie is both more complex and more liberating.

Lady Chatterley is a captive in a prison of depression. Despite her wealth, she is enslaved in a house full of despair and hopelessness. Her Victorian society of the turn of the century keeps both her spirit and body wrapped in many layers. Lady Chatterley is a story about how a woman literally and figuratively removes these layers. Her freedom first comes from getting out of the house, walking in nature and enjoying the garden. The film has beautiful nature scenes. We walk with her through the woods and the camera spends as much time on a butterfly and the wild flowers as on the actors. Her freedom next comes with experiencing sex with a stranger. The sex scenes move from Lady Chatterley being a passive observer, to her first exploration of a man’s penis, to the discovery of her own passion and finally to teaching her lover the joys of running nude in the rain. Her final step to freedom is in the surprise ending where her new found freedom lifts the spirits of her husband and where she encourages her lover to enjoy the passion of his own wife!
The film provides an excellent road map for ending depression. A therapist certainly would not prescribe an affair, however a prescription would include getting out of your head and into your body and nature. It would include taking risks and changing your environment. I rented this film hoping that it would include the tasteful soft-core French eroticism similar to the movie “Emmanuelle” (1974-NR). Instead, this is a bold and complex film of sensuality, nature, sexuality and passion. This is also a film that cast a very different light on infidelity. It is very different than the painful outcomes of “Unfaithful (2002-R)”, “Indecent Proposal” (1993- R). and “Body Heat” (1981-R). The outcomes from Lady Chatterley are ones of hope, renewal, healing and movement towards honesty. The movie captures some of the complexities of affairs that the research lacks. One word of caution, stay with the film through its very slow moving first 20 minutes. You will be rewarded

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Films Recommended for Viewing and Reviewed on this Site

Films Recommended and Reviewed
YPF (2007)- UR
Bliss (1997)- R
Private Lesions (1981)- R
En La Cama (2005)- NR
Unfaithful (2002)- R
A Walk on the Moon (1999)- R
Something About Sex (1998)- R
Body Heat (1981)- R
Lady Chatterley (2006)- NR
Beter Than Sex (2002)- R
Secret Things (2002)- NR
Sex and Lucia (2002)- R
Seventh Sense (1999)- NR
The Wedding Banquet (1993)- R
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1997)- R
Nude Alaskan Cruise and the movie "Swinging: From Fantasy to Reality" (2004)- Educational
All The Ladies Do It (1992)- NR
Confusions of An Unmarried Couple (2006) –UR
Shortbus (2006)- UR
Kinsey (2004)- R
Loving Sex- Ultimate Massage (1998) - Educational
Frivolous Lola (1998)- NR
Lie With Me (2005)- NR
The Woodsman (2004)- R
Red Shoe Diary: The Movie: Special Edition (1992)- R
Sirens (1994)- R
Brown Bunny (2004) UR and The Door in the Floor (2004) R
Delta of Venus (1995)- NC17
Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981)- R
Brokeback Moutain (2005)- R
Friends & Lovers, Sex and Interviews with Real Couples (2005)- X
Anatomy of Hell (2004) - UR
Watching You (2003)-NR
Before Sunrise -R (1995) and Before Sunset -R (2004)
Tipping The Velvet (2002)- NR
One Night Stand (1997)- R
Romance- Director’s Cut (1999)- NR
Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) – UR “And Your Mama Too”
Therese and Isabelle (1968)- UR
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)- R
The Lifestyle: Swinging in America (2000)- Documentary
Better than Chocolate (1999)- R
The Joys of Erotic Massage (Educational)
Emmanuelle (1974)-NR
9 Songs (2004)-NR
Secretary (2002)-R
Head in the Clouds (2004)-R
Xana & Dax: When Opposites Attract (2005)-X
The Mother (2003) -R
The Holy Land (2003)-R
My Best Friend's Wife (2001)-R
Malena (2000)-R
Pretty Baby (1978)-R
9 1/2 weeks (1986) - NR
The Piano (1993)-R
I, A Woman (1966)- UR
Sound of the Sea- (2001)-R
Bride of the Wind (2001)-R

Films Not Recommended for Viewing
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1997)- UR
Basic Instinct 2 (2006)- UR
Thief of Hearts (1984)- R
My Summer of Love (2005)- R
Paris, France (1994)- NC-17
Emmanuelle in Paradise
Emmanuella in Rio
Love's Passion -X
Poison Ivy (1992)- R
Two Moon Junction (1988)- R
Irreversible (2002)- UR

Films Recommended but not Reviewed
Unfaithful (2002 - R) See review "All the Ladies Do it"

Indecent Proposal (1993- R) See review "All the Ladies Do It"

Score (Radley Metzger Collection) (1972) - NR A dated but funny erotic story about a swinging couple's successful attept to seduce another couple. The film has some surprizing funny moments.

Splendor (1999) - R This is an interesting story of a young woman living with and loving (sexually and otherwise) two men.

Cheeky! (2000)- NR An erotic, entertaining and artistic “soft porn” film by Italian director Tinto Brass. It is a re-make and not as good as his 1992 film, “All the Ladies do it.”

OR (My Treasure) 2005- NRA touching and disturbing Israeli film showing a young girl following of her mother into prostitution. Dana Ivgy is amazing in her first film playing the 16 year old girl.

Bitter Moon (1992) – R. An erotic but often disturbing Roman Polanski film about a dysfunctional couple on a stormy cruise. The film contains a scene where Emmanuelle Seigner massages milk on her breasts for the pleasure and then consumption of Peter Coyote.

Monster's Ball (2001)- R. Halle Berry received best actress for her role as lover to the policeman who imprisoned her husband. The film has very erotic scenes of inter-racial lovemaking between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.

Gia (1998)- UR. The film has very explicit sex scenes with Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Striptease (1996)- NR A surprisingly funny and entertaining film with plenty of nude erotic dancing by Demi Moore. Be sure you see the European “NR” version and not the American PG-13 version.

Crash (1996)- NC17
Brief Crossing (2001)- NR
The Dreamers (2004)- NC17
Havoc (2005)- UR
Birth (2004)- R
If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)- R
Belle de Jour (1967)- R
The Governess (1998)- R
Young Lady Catterly (1977)-NC17
Intimacy (2001)- NR
Zandalee (1991)- R
Wild Orchid (1990)- R

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Better Than Sex (2002)- R

Better than Sex is a warm and humorous film about anonymous sex that leads to falling in love. It is one of those films where the main characters (Josh played by David Winham and Cin played by Susie Porter) talk to the audience about what they are thinking and feeling, which as you can guess, is frequently different than what they are saying. Josh and Cin plan only to have a one night sexual event. The one night stretches into three days and then more. The sex is good and only gets better. The film is a fine romantic story that has some good, though non-explicit, sex scene. The film’s name is a little misleading because what gets better in the film is, in fact, the sex. This is a good film for couples feeling bored. It contains many ideas about how to spice up you sex life.

Secret Things (2002)- NR

Secret Things is an erotic story of two women sharing an apartment in Paris and conspiring to extract revenge from the demanding men in their office. The film wanders far from this storyline with many long “French film type long dialogues.” Nonetheless, it still has many nude and sexual scenes including some very erotic three-some segments. Sabrina Seyvecou is excellent and erotic in the role of one of the roommates. She discovers her own sexuality in the course of extracting revenge from men. Her sexuality includes the enjoyment of both men and women.

Sex and Lucia (2002)- R

Paz Vaga plays a girlfriend of a suicidal writer-artist working on a Mediterranean vacation island. The film is very erotic but a depressing story of an artist who can no longer separate reality from his novels. The film is very explicit and has imaginative sex scenes, particularly when filmed from creative angles. Paz Vaga is beautiful and turns in a good performance. However, the storyline is frequently lost among the real and fantasy characters, and the movement back and forth in time. The many beautifully filmed underwater nude and sex scenes save what otherwise would be a very slow moving film.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seventh Sense (1999)- NR

When I see a woman playing the cello, this is what I think of..

I tend to flash on erotic imagery whenever I see a woman play an instrument, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that a film about the sexual growth of a female cellist would catch my attention. Well, think about how the relationship of a musician to her (or his) instrument is like that of a lover and her beloved. The instrument is caressed – fondled even – by the musician. Gentle touching teases out mellow sounds, while more forceful measures produce a good deal louder sounds. (The parallels don't end there; we use the same word – playing – for making music with an instrument or making love with a partner.)

I find the image of a woman playing a cello to be particularly erotic. The instrument is large and she must spread her legs to hold it… I will stop, ...I'm sure you get the picture.

The movie Seventh Sense is a very erotic film about a women cellist. Frances, played by Lucy Jenner, learned to play the cello when she was a young girl. A car accident left her blind when she was teenager. However, her blindness opens up a whole new level of sounds and appreciation of her instrument.

It also opened up a whole new world of sexual fantasy. The intensity with which Frances plays the cello is echoed by more intense sexual fantasies that she experiences. Frances is encouraged by two individuals to open up her life to greater intensity in her music and thus her sexuality. The first is her roommate, played by LorDawn Messuri, and the other her music mentor, played by Endre Hules. As fate would have it, both liaisons lead to unintended sexual repercussions.

The film contains many highly erotic and explicit scenes. One early scene involves Frances masturbating to the sounds of her roommate making love. Another erotic scene is a fantasy Frances has of playing her cello nude while watching her roommate’s boyfriend make love to a strange woman. Woven throughout the film are the themes of voyeurism and exhibitionism. The erotic scenes are photographed in a highly stylized method of slightly unfocused “candlelight.” This sounds annoying but in fact adds greatly to very erotic scenes.

The Seventh Sense has an interesting but not strong storyline and poor acting from all except Lucy Jenner. Still, I recommend the film for its high-quality explicit sex scenes and very erotic concepts of classical music, women cellist, watching and being watched. The film also has a wonderful sound track of classical music. I should also create a new rating, called “Emily’s approval.” Even with two glasses of wine this story was sufficiently interesting to keep Emily awake. Afterwards, it was erotic enough for her to “use me as an instrument” for nearly an hour in the hot tub. What more could I ask?

The film was available from Netflix however I see that they have now posted it as unavailable. Maybe we have their only copy. also has copies.