Sunday, April 21, 2019

Black Mirror Series, Season 3, Episode 1, Nosedive

Emily and I are traveling to China for the month of May, 2019. We are getting very excited. It is an adventure that reminds us of our travel to the Soviet Union when we just finished our education. We have been reading about China. A fascinating story about China has received coverage. China, apparently, is experimenting with a point merit system that attributes value to individuals based on factors such as productivity and loyalty. The points are then converted to credit score, purchasing power and travel privileges. Here is where reality meets fiction meets reality.

The episode 1 season 3, Nosedive, of the series Black Mirror, presents a very similar story.  The story is fascinating, humorous and spooky. It recounts the struggle of a women to “earn” enough “5 star” ratings to receive a mortgage for an upscale apartment. 

The Black Mirror Series on Netflix has been compared to the 1950’s TV series The Twilight Zone. I have found the series to have quality episodes at times and then at other times, not so much. This episode is good. It has nothing to do with sex.

Paul Bray 4/17/19 Available on Netflix

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