Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sirens (1994)- R

Most films about sexual awakening or ?sexually coming of age? focus on teenagers or young adults. The story line perhaps is that once a person reaches 25 they have passed through the experimentation phase and now can get-on with serious relationship sex. The wonderful truth is that sexual awakening and sexual re-awakening frequently (thank God) happens later in life.

Sirens is a wonderfully erotic and often funny film about sexual awakening. Tara Fitzgerald plays the wife of an Anglican Priest assigned to removing erotic art from church sponsored exhibits. The couple travels to visit an artist and his group of nude models to persuade them to remove certain nude paintings from exhibits. Along the way, the clergy's wife is "exposed" to not just nudity but the erotic passions of the models and eventually her own. The wife at first is the picture of a proper religious woman. Yet, she is drawn to the nude images on the painter's canvas and then to watching the nude models in erotic play. Her curiosity leads to desire and then passion ending in erotic affairs with both a male model and the female models.

The film is beautifully filmed in the mountains of Australia that provide a stunning natural background for the many nude scenes. The film ends with a breathtaking shot of the 5 women in the film, all nude, on a mountaintop. The film's sexual scenes are very erotic, not from being explicit, but from the content of a religious wife being naughty. We leave the couple as she brings her newly found erotic passion to her marriage and frankly they are thankful that God created sex.

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