Sunday, January 28, 2007

Red Shoe Diary: The Movie: Special Edition (1992)- R

This film produced by Zalman King started the HBO series Red Shoe Diaries. This film, though not as explicit and stylish as King's Delta of Venus (1995), still offers a high quality erotic film with a real plot. Though the film launched the HBO series by the same name, there is little similarity between this feature-length film story and the Red Shoe Series. The HBO films usually contain 3 short stories based on erotic encounters with strangers.

This story is of a young attractive woman played by Brigitte Bako who is caught between two lovers and two styles of lovemaking. One lover is a sensitive caregiver seeking marriage. The other lover enjoys rough and controlling sex that borders on sadomasochism. She ultimately is unable to resolve this dilemma and this leads to tragedy.

Though the film contains only brief full nudity, the many sex scenes are erotic and passionate. This is one of three films recently reviewed (the other two are Delta of Venus-1995 and Lady Chatterley's Lover-1981) that is recommended for viewers seeking strong erotic content within a well made film with a real plot.

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