Thursday, December 08, 2011

Erotic Massage Video Clips (Adults Only, Dailymotion video web site, couplesmassage group)

Dailymotion ( is a video posting web site similar to YouTube. One difference however is that dailymotion allows explicit and erotic video postings. We have found the quality of the videos to be very good and very erotic. The site does occasionally have advertisements that delay the viewing of clips. The site is relatively safe from spyware or viruses. Nonetheless, viewing erotic material on the web ALWAYS requires virus protection software. A dailymotion account is required to view erotic content and the “family filter ON” must be clicked and turned “OFF”.

We have collected 8 erotic massage video clips in a group. The group is called “couplesmassage.” This group can be opened by searching on the site for “couplesmassage” or using the following link

Erotic massage is a wonderful way to give pleasure, love and acceptance to your partner. Watching videos of erotic massage is a wonderful way to enjoy foreplay or mutual self play. Erotic massage videos are perfect companions to vibrators. The 8 erotic massage video clips on our group “couplesmassage” are ones we have particularly enjoyed. They range from 4 minutes to 10 minutes in length. Two clips feature Tantric massage instruction and demonstration. Another set of clips feature NUMA gel oriental full body massage. A final set of clips demonstrate erotic massage techniques. One 10 minute clip features a massage in an outdoor stone bathtub. The location is tropical with flower petals floating in the tub. This clip is truly an exotic and sensual scene. We welcome others to join this web group, comment on our selections and add links to erotic massage clips they have found enjoyable. 12/8/11

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