Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raising Victor Vargas (2002) - R

There are so many coming of age films. It is a type of film where young adults become adults, “or sort of”. Sex is always either the headline or the sub-text. All of this is true with Raising Victor Vargas. However, the film makes a major shift about 40 minutes in. The youth teens, so hip and so sexual, stop their lives and flip their world to care for their grandmother. They stop their own searching for identity, personally and sexually, and take care of their family. The result is a maturity and sexuality beyond their years and perhaps beyond our years.

This is a film to watch with your teenagers when you feel like you are speaking different languages. Take a deep breath; it has a lot of sex. That is good. Teenagers have a lot of sex. However, teenagers have less intercourse than you think and are SO struggling for relationships. 12/16/10

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