Sunday, December 05, 2010

Remember Me (2010) PG-13

There are few things more painful than the death of a young person. We invest aspirations for improving life in our youth. We see purity in the romance of young people’s love. We are inspired by the idealism of youth. Young people are the future both symbolically and in reality. When a young person dies there is a death of the future and the pain seems nearly unbearable.

In the romantic drama “Remember Me” three young people die. The movie is a story about how two families respond to these deaths. Their responses change from nearly unbearable pain to anger to hope and finally to reconciliation.. Robert Pattinson plays the role of a young man filled with rage because of his brother’s death and because he blames that death on his father. Emilie de Ravin plays the role of a daughter who witnessed the murder of her young mother. These characters fall in love and partly from their sexual passion find healing.

My 28 year old daughter died 9 months ago. The story in “Remember Me” accurately reflects much of my family’s journey through grief. I recommend this film. 11/9/10

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