Monday, July 26, 2010

Damage (1992)- R

People usually think of passion as an emotion. Sex researchers however are finding that certain kinds of passion are driven by a biochemical cocktail similar to opium. When this cocktail floods the system it produces both pleasure and uncharacteristic irrational obsessive behavior. A person under this spell often cannot sleep, eat or get the other person out of his minds. We call this falling in love, but actually it is falling out of reason and into passion. It’s wonderful! However, thank god it does not last because this condition can cause damage.

The characters played by Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche in the movie Damage are intoxicated by passion. They can barely speak to each other and cannot take their eyes off each other. Their passion cannot be quenched until their cloths are pulled off and their bodies joined in scenes of steamy eroticism. They then try to talk and try to make logic of their dangerous passion that could destroy their families. However, the passion returns. Their bodies are again flooded with endorphins that provide great pleasure but in the end do great damage.

How can very smart people throw their careers and families away by passion? What exactly were Bill Clinton and Eliot Spitzer thinking? See the movie Damage to understand the answer to this question. This is a film with very good acting and a strong, erotic story. The story is both sexually arousing and frightening. We are all a biochemical cocktail away from high passion and possible damage.

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