Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lake Consequence (1993)- R

This movie is saved by a most erotic 15 minute hot tub sequence in the middle of the film. The three actors Billy Zane, Hollie Hummel and Joan Severance give a sexual threesome performance that is outstanding. The scene provides equal time for three separate pairings while the uninvolved other watches. The scene is beautifully filmed and contains a “steamy” effect from both the actors on the screen and the hot water.

Unfortunately, the 45 minutes before and after this scene are poorly scripted. The plot has just slightly more direction than a soft porn skin flick. The characters are left to move from moments of deep depression to angry outbursts without purpose. Nonetheless, I recommend the film for the stylish erotic threesome scene that contains very exciting bi-sexual play from the ladies.

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