Saturday, March 08, 2008

Better Than Sex (2002)- R

Better than Sex is a warm and humorous film about anonymous sex that leads to falling in love. It is one of those films where the main characters (Josh played by David Winham and Cin played by Susie Porter) talk to the audience about what they are thinking and feeling, which as you can guess, is frequently different than what they are saying. Josh and Cin plan only to have a one night sexual event. The one night stretches into three days and then more. The sex is good and only gets better. The film is a fine romantic story that has some good, though non-explicit, sex scene. The film’s name is a little misleading because what gets better in the film is, in fact, the sex. This is a good film for couples feeling bored. It contains many ideas about how to spice up you sex life.

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