Monday, November 28, 2005

My Best Friends Wife (2001)-R

This is really a pretty good movie. It is about “swinging,” (not the dance, but..) sexually sharing spouses. The film is about two lifelong friends and their wives who feel bored with life, and try “wife swapping” as a way out of their malaise. It is not erotic but at times, very funny. This movie captures a very powerful, unanticipated emotion when married people (with spouses’ permission) are sexually intimate with people other then their spouses. Men (our experience), and depicted in this film, more often feel this unanticipated emotion. This feeling is a strong feeling of love (for their wives) – confusion – sexual inadequacy – and the need to compare their performance to their wives (new) partners. All these powerful feelings are mixed together! The paradox, of course, is that the men wanted to do this over their wives strong protest. Yet when the events actually happen the women let loose and enjoy it and the men end up with less enjoyment. We (my wife & I) have been in the “lifestyle” now for 20 years. I talked her into it, yet she had much more fun for the first few times than me. I suffered from “unanticipated emotions”. In the end, the movie and maybe real life shows women as initially more able to enjoy polyamorous lovers. We men can catch up. However, the bottom line is “be careful what you wish for”.


gonzo said...

Read several of your reviews and your pretty much on the mark on those that I did read. I also looked at your list and couldn't help notice that you didn't even mention... Body Heat 1981. I mean the idea behind this sultry gorgeous woman (turner) seducing this "innocent" man (hunt)which in turn makes him do things he would never have done..............if not for the sex of course. How many men/boys have not fantasized about being seduced....that idea along with the sex scence for that year alone should have merit a mention. On my next entry I will review something more on teh X rated side.

Paul said...

Yes, I agree. Send me a review of Body Heat to
and I will post it.

mido said...

sex film