Sunday, May 06, 2007

Loving Sex- Ultimate Massage (1998) - Educational

This excellent video is produced by the Alexander Institute and is part of the Loving Sex Series. It is a very erotic "how to" video about sexual massage. The video has a creative format of two videos in one. One part is instruction in erotic massage techniques. The second part is watching a "real couple" watching the instruction and then practicing the educational techniques. This becomes a very erotic format and also provides some excellent instruction. The DVD is highly stylized and beautifully filmed. The only negative is an introduction from Bernie Zilbergeld of the Alexander Institute that comes off "academic" and therefore detracts from the erotic mood.

Different than other similar videos, this DVD does not attempt to provide a full introduction to massage. The video rather focuses only on erotic techniques and genital massage. The viewer is treated to watching the "watching couple" in playful practice of the erotic massage techniques. These sequences are both humorous and very erotic. The practicing couple is rewarded with very real orgasms.

This video can be purchased at many web sites and directly from the Alexander Institute. The video can also be purchased through one of my favorite web sites . Holistic wisdom, in addition to offering a full line of sex products and videos, provides an excellent resource for information about sex. This is one of two erotic massage videos that I highly recommend. The other video, previously reviewed, is "The Joy of Erotic Massage" produced by the Sinclair Institute and can also be purchased at the Holistic wisdom web site.

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